Motor Controls

Relays, Protective Relays, Overload and Metering

Voyten Electric offers a wide array of protective relays and metering you can count on, new and used.

Motor Controls

Find electromagnetic coils, contactors, starters, protective relays and other motor controls in our large and ever-growing inventory from numerous manufacturers.

Motor Control Parts

Voyten has new and used motor control parts available, from transformer pilot lights to overload relay assemblies.

Replacement Electromagnetic Coils

Have a worn out or damaged electromagnetic coil? Voyten Electric offers dozens of different types of replacement electromagnetic coils.

Heaters and Heater Thermal Units

Voyten offers a wide range of electrical overload heaters and heater thermal units to meet your needs.

Starters and Contactors

Start powering your motors today with electrical starters and contactors from Voyten Electric.

Electrical Drives

Voyten Electric carries electrical drives and electrical drive components for a variety of applications.

MCC Buckets

Voyten offers a large inventory or MCC buckets from Moeller and Siemens for setting up your motor control centers.

Motor Control: Medium Voltage Components

At Voyten Electric, we keep several medium voltage components for motor controls available for you.

Contacts, Contact Blocks, and Contact Kits

Voyten offers new and used contacts, blocks and kits.

Soft Starters and Accessories

Start powering your motors today with electrical starters from Voyten Electric.