Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit Breakers

Voyten Electric supplies a wide variety of new and used electrical air circuit breakers from 225 amps to 12000 amps.

Insulated Case - Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Voyten Electric offers new and used commercial molded and insulated case breakers ranging from 15 to 4000 amps and 240V to 600V.

Vacuum Breakers

Voyten Electric stocks new and used vacuum breakers that range from 600 amps to 3000 amps with a variety of interrupting ratings and control voltages.

Arc Fault and Ground Fault Circuit Breakers

Voyten Electric offers AFCI and ground fault circuit breakers in order to provide essential AFCI ground fault protection.

Circuit Breaker Accessories

Voyten Electric has new and used circuit breaker accessories available from shunt trips to bell alarms.

Circuit Breaker Vacuum Bottle

Have a worn out or damaged vacuum bottle? Voyten Electric offers dozens of different types of replacements