Electrical Products - New and Used | Voyten Electric & Electronics

As a commercial electrical wholesaler, Voyten Electric has a large inventory of new and used electrical equipment and spare electrical components from the top OEM manufacturers in the electrical industry. Our team of electrical engineers specialize in remanufacturing discontinued and obsolete electrical components and parts customized to fit your needs.


Bus Products

Expanding existing busway? Replacing a burnt out bus plug? Voyten Electric supplies obsolete and current models of bus products.

Circuit Breakers

Under pressure to replace a circuit breaker? Starting a new project on a budget? Voyten Electric stocks surplus and used circuit breakers that are certified and guarantee quality.

Electrical Fuses

Voyten Electric offers a variety of new and used electrical fuses from top electrical manufacturers including Bussmann, Littelfuse, Ferraz Shawmut, and more.

Misc Electrical Components and Parts

Voyten Electric has a large inventory of hard-to-find, rare electrical components and spare electrical parts on-hand and immediately available.

Motor Controls

Find electromagnetic coils, contactors, starters, protective relays and other motor controls in our large and ever-growing inventory from numerous manufacturers.

Electrical Switchboards

Voyten Electric stocks low and medium voltage electrical switchboards and switchgear, with the fastest turnaround in the business.

Electrical Switches

Voyten Electric stocks a variety of new and used electrical switches from Eaton, GE, Agastat, Electroswitch, Westinghouse and many more other major manufacturers.

Electrical Transformers

Voyten Electric offers dry-type, liquid-filled, current, and voltage electrical transformers from over 25 manufacturers.


Voyten Electric stocks a variety of complete switchgear substations, matching lineup, switchgear parts, low & medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage controllers, and medium voltage fused switches.